Thursday, 18 January 2007

“BackBroke Uni”


Starring: Sudheeran as Reedhus

Muhsin as Cpt. Landak

Mustafa as The mad man

Adam as Darth Mada

Ammar as The "Flying Durian"

Director & Producer: Chong


In a fateful day, Cpt. Landak and Reedhus met in the Purple building before the exam. They were discussing about some questions in the past year papers. Reedhus was so amazed and impressed by Cpt. Landak’s will and determination to score well in the exam. Not long after that, Reedhus began to have a crush on him. However, they soon found out that the Mad Man, who was Reedhus’s ex-fiance, escaped from the asylum. Now seeking revenge on Reedhus, the Mad Man, along with his apprentice, Darth Mada, kidnapped Cpt. Landak. With the help of the legendary superhero, The "Flying Durian", Reedhus battled the Mad man in his secret hideout and saved his beloved "boyfriend".


I took this photo before my exam…they are not real gays….just messing around to release tensions before having our dread exam…

ps: It’s a custom for us to act weird and funny even in public areas….

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