Monday, 8 January 2007

UNiM's "Garbage Cafeteria"!!!!!

UNiM may have all the facilities with international teaching labs and so on.. but the cafeteria leaves much to be desired. (Which is the worst in the whole university) I have made a really stupid decision by having my lunch today at the cafeteria...(regretted of not following my friends to have lunch outside..>_< Baka...baka...100 times). After I finished almost half of my meal...i saw something "interesting"...the cafe staff served me an "additional ingredient"...maybe they know that i'm having exam the next day and wanted to provide more "nutrients" for me?

Check out the following photos taken from my handphone: (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGES)

Anyone wants a serving of Nasi Campur Lipas Special???

After the "sumptuous and healthy" meal provided by the caring cafeteria staff....i had to spend 2 hours in the toilet....(Even my strong and powerful immune system also cannot stand the potent poison made by the cafeteria've the talent to become an assassin...)

I wonder how in the world that the "F*c**** bastard ..(1000 more foul words but for the sake of those still under 18...i cut and censored them) get the tender for a "high class" university like UNiM?????

As for all the Nottinghammers..please send a letter of complaint to Mr. Paul Boardman....if that doesn't help, i'm gonna send a letter to the Health Ministry regarding the matter......(If that doesn't help..means Malaysia has no hope...gonna migrate to other countries...bye bye....)

For now, i would rather go elsewhere to have my lunch or pack my own food rather than eating in the cafe..even if they provide free and "all you can eat" food....(I'm too young to die from food poisoning.....)

I hope that i get some superpowers and blast the cafeteria into pieces..or into ashes...grrr

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