Tuesday, 16 January 2007

UNiM’s “Garbage Cafeteria” II

(Pic) The Battle for Food….No one mess with my food!!!Take This!!!!

Today i received a letter from Hartawan Dunia Resources Sdn Bhd, the owner of the Uni Cafeteria. Below is the content of the letter:

"Good afternoon,

We , Hartawan Dunia Resources Sdn Bhd would like to apologies to (MY NAME), students and Staff of University Of Nottingham for the incident occur at the student cafeteria last week.
To avoid such incident to happen again, we have taken steps to improve the quality and hygine at the student cafeteria.

Thank you "

Steps taken? What kind? Obviously the letter was not convincing enough…If my memory serves me right, last time (During my Foundation time), the Cafeteria management held a meeting with a group of students and SA representative regarding the same matter, hygienic problems as well as the pricing of the food…they promised that actions will be taken to improve the quality of the food…their actions means do nothing at all..otherwise they won’t be serving "Nasi Campur Lipas Special" (Mixed Rice with Cockroach Special) and "Puding ala Basi" (Pudding with Rotten flavour)……

The management also hopes to "shut my mouth" with the letter of apology above….but this won’t happen. I’m determined to overthrow the brutal "Cafeteria Regime" which holds the motto:" Eat or Die Starving"…This time, it’s the battle to the end, only one side will survive to see the next daylight….hopefully there will be a fruitful discussion between Mr. Paul Boardman and me which will be held this Thursday…

Nottinghammers…stay tune for more updates…

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