Friday, 5 January 2007

TMNut Stream-my-ass......

TMNut streamyx connection is really getting on my nerves...Firstly, they throttled my P2P network (ended one of my "internet pleasures") connection is not stable at all, especially the international links. They (TMNuts) claimed that the Taiwan earthquake caused serious network disruption in the whole what? Get your lazy ass techinicians, sail to Taiwan and fix the darn cable ASAP.... As soon as there is another GOOD ISP in Malaysia, i'm gonna switch to it, no doubt, unless TMNut improves the services...and provide the real UNLIMITED USAGE and not UNLIMITED TIMEOUT!!!!

For those who wish to end TMNut's dictatorship on the internet, please click on the link...

Strategies for improving TMNut (which is highly impossible for them to do so):

1: use the money in advertising to upgrade the services (server..etc). The public will do the advertising for you (if the service is good, there will be plenty of customers, so why bother?)

2: Learn to do maths.

public = money and public = bandwidth/problems


money = bandwith/problems

more bandwidth and less problems bring more


3: provide free support lines to customers.

Why charge the people who call in to address their problems and complaints? ( almost 1 buck per minute)This is absurd! TMNut should provide help and support to the valued customers for free (TM is a phone company some more and they cant afford to provide free calls?)...unless they want to stop the people from calling in because their services are so crappy and...(infinite problems)

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