Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Assassins Creed - The Chronicles of Altair

The Legend of Altair
- Hatred in Acre -

During the third crusade, the city of Acre was ruled by the Templar Knights. The knights were cruel and ruthless. They would go around killing and robbing people of their properties. Any resistance would be crushed completely and anyone involved will be hanged or beheaded publicly. It was a terrifying period for the citizens of Acre. Many lives have been lost during the Templar's rule.

The citizens of Acre were helpless. They could do nothing against the mighty crusader Army. The only thing they could do was to pray to God, hoping that God would send a warrior down from Heaven to liberate them from the Templar's reign on them.

On day, an assassin named Altair was on a mission in Acre to find new girls for his master. His master, Al Mualim, has a habit of keeping young girls in the garden at the back of the fortress.

During his mission, he witnessed the cruelty of the Templars.

Suddenly, three unknown figures appeared behind him. Altair drew out his sword and fought back.

As predicted, the three unknown figures were the Templar Knights. After the fight, Altair interrogated one of them to find out the Templar's motive. From there, Altair learned that he Templars have observed him for a long time. He knew he had to stay low profile and avoid any contacts with the Templars.

However, things were not so easy for Altair as the Templars have eyes and spies everywhere in the city. Wherever Altair went, there would be Templars waiting to ambush him from behind. Altair fought a ferocious and bloody street battle with the Templars. Eventually, all the Templar Knights in Acre were defeated and killed by Altair.

When the citizens heard that the all Templars have been eliminated, they began to come out from their hiding place. Joy and happiness filled the entire city. The people of Acre hailed Altair as their hero and saviour. A grand celebration was held and Altair was showered with many gifts and presents from the people.

Some of them showed their gratitude in a very different way..

After that, Altair left the city and continued his journey to Jerusalem and Damascus to complete his mission, that is to search for young maidens for his master....

To Be Continue............

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