Sunday, 7 December 2008

i-Nikki version 1.0....

With the advancement of technology and heavy fighting between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, most people nowadays are able to indulge in luxurious and high tech items such as iphone, mac book pros, Acer laptops...etc. And now after years of research by the computer scientists and engineers, Chongism is proud to present the future of entertainment systems, the i-Nikki version 1.0!!!!!

This human-sized entertainment systems utilises the Syntactic Hyper-reactive Intelligence Technology (S.H.I.T) embedded with advanced-and-complicated-neural-network-which-the-scientists-gave-up-and-just-dump-in-there-system. The i-Nikki version 1.0 has over 3000 quad core processors, 9000 TB of storage and 2 powerful type-A speakers which are enough to give you a blast!!...(can be upgraded to type-Z speakers). It is powerful than any of the home entertainment to date, and future. (PS3 and Xbox 360 are garbage compared to the i-Nikki version 1.0)

The i-Nikki version 1.0 has many interesing features that would keep the users entertained 24/7.
  • A powerful home theater system
  • A video and voice recording system
  • A dictionary and encyclopedia system which will make you "feel" more intelligent
  • An alarm system
  • A spotlight system which you can use it in the parties
  • A drinking partner
  • A dancing machine/partner
  • A powerful gaming system
  • A gambling machine
  • A portable mp4 device which you won't have to carry it walks and follows you around!!!
  • And many many more!!!!
The i-Nikki version 1.0 also comes with device ports that are compatible with all the devices in the market. So you don't have to worry about getting or upgrade your usb, e-sata, HDMI cables and devices!!!

Here's a sneak peek on the latest i-Nikki version 1.0...(click for larger image)

pic 1: A kid was listening to some music using the earphones which is plugged into the i-Nikki version 1.0...

pic 2: the kid spotted me......

The i-Nikki version 1.0 is developed and produced by the PMS industries.

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