Saturday, 13 December 2008

Deadly delicious pizzas....

Adapted from BBC news...

A Florida pizza delivery man who was challenged by armed robbers in the city of Miramar got in first with his own weapon - a large pepperoni pizza.

Eric Lopez Devictoria, 40, flung the piping hot pizza at the gunman, then turned on his heels and ran.

He made a safe getaway, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, despite one shot being fired as he fled.

Police later arrested three teenage suspects, who have been charged with armed robbery.


Who could have thought the delicious pizzas can be used as a weapon to fend off some robbers? I thought the only edible stuff that can be used as a weapon is the durian (see the picture below)

Little facts on Durian, the king of Fruits:
Why is it called the king of fruits? Simple, it is able to crush any existing fruits to a pile of poop..and no fruit is able to penetrate its thick, thorny skin...(what about coconuts? it's hard and delicious too...but the flesh isn't yellowish (note: yellow is a common colour for royalties) like the Durian.

Durian has a lot of other functions.
  • It can be sold for money
  • It can be used as food or snacks
  • It can be used as a weapon
  • It can be used to play a prank on other people (such as letting people sit on the durian skin) DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!
  • It can be used to fend off foreigners, especially White people (they can't stand the smell), thus earned the name "White Repellent"
  • and others....
Ok, enough crap with the durians. I wonder if pizzas still works if the robbers are Italians???

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