Saturday, 12 December 2009

The mindset of Malaysian drivers...

The "Malaysia Boleh" spirit is getting way out of hand, especially on the roads. Most Malaysian drivers think they are F1 drivers (drive like F1 drivers? problem...easy nia) and often speed, overtake, perform 90 or 360 degree turns or tail gating like crazy on highways and small narrow roads. Remember this:

"There is no glory at the end of the road, only sorrow"

Among them, the bus drivers are the worst. Lorry drivers came very close in second. I am a frequent user of the highway and I've never seen a bus driver (not mini bus here...the big express bus) driving slowly and steadily on the highway. They speed as fast as the F1 drivers, maybe faster than Michael Schumacher or Kimi Räikkönen, with a much bigger toy...Moreover, they change lanes when they feel like it (sometimes overtaking other vehicles using the inner most lane then zoom diagonally to the fastest (3rd) lane...In other words, they drive as if they are the king of the roads and doesn't give shit about the lives of others. No other vehicles (except the big heavy tankers or lorry "balak" but they are slow, so not a problem) dare to challenge them because they know if their "proton" or other normal cars crashed into one of them, they would pay a heavy price. Unlike the bus drivers, they know that they will usually escape unharm (or slight injuries) in a collision..

Typical scene on a Malaysian road..vehicles stopping on the yellow box

We see news of accidents almost every day. Please, drive safely on the roads. If you are one of the drivers that love to race on the highways, please go to Sepang Circuit or get yourself a copy of Need for Speed. Don't involve other innocent road users. Remember your loved ones and others too...

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