Friday, 29 May 2009

An end to my Uni life....(?)

With the submission of my thesis and the conclusion of the final exams, my final year at the university is drawing its curtains...My uni life has been one of the greatest and most exciting moment I have experienced ever in my entire life. Throughout the years, I have made many friends, did a lot of stupid stuff and had a lot of fun together. All the great times will be remembered and cherished forever..

Friends we are, forever friends we'll be,
Wherever we are, you're right beside me.

I hope we stay friends 'til the end of time,
And whenever that is, our friendship will still shine.

You mean the world to me, I hope the same with you,
You're always helping me, whatever it takes you'll do.

Now that we're growing older, changing our ways,
I know we won't lose our friendship-I hope I never see that day.

So to every one of my friends, you mean the world to me,
Friends we are, forever friends we'll be.

Thanks to all my friends who have been great companions to me throughout the 4 years in uni...

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yvonne said...

Awwww... thats sweet.. hope to be in touch at all time... :D.. sob sob.. will really miss the moments with the gang.... T_T