Thursday, 1 February 2007

Food Marathon II…..

More than 100 types of food, 4 players and only one will emerge victorious…..

Food marathon 2:


Shara, the wanderer compiler

Bob, the Thunder God

Ahmed from Shasomaniac

I, the windwalker aka G.O.D

venue: Sasaki restaurant

Before the start of our busy week, my friends and I have decided to go for the Japanese buffet again. (Bob and Ahmed have never tested Japanese cuisine whereas Shara and I are the veterans…) All of us have only one goal…that is to go as many rounds as possible…

Before the start of our "amazing race for food"…Someone foretold us that we will never make it on time as the lunch time is only from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. But due to our strong will and determination (our motto, Food for Life, Food for pleasure), we made it at 1.00 pm. Each of us had 4 rounds of food.


Main course (bout 3 rounds):


In the end, it was Shara, the gigantic compiler who emerged as the winner….After the "stomach bursting" lunch, we went sight-seeing around Bukit Bintang (StarHill)…

The most surprising event of the day was the pirated-DVDs, once ruled over the shops and stalls of Bukit Bintang (StarHill) seemed no where to be foud, as if they "extinct" and was replaced by originals. My hope to relax and try out some new games or movies was shattered in an instant…

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