Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Horrible trip to MidValley…….

A fine morning it is..cool breeze blowing to the face..such soothing weather today…I felt that something special or wonderful will happen today…It turns out to be true…(anyone wants psychic reading?)

Class at 11 morning was cancelled (we don’t know what’s the reason but apparently there was a note stating "class cancelled", not sure whether it was left by the lecturer or not…..ok, who cares about that. we would use the note as our evidence…) We also signed a "petition" to our DBS lecturer to cancel the afternoon class..and he agreed…

Since we don’t have any classes in the afternoon…our minds thought of the same thing … "Going to get some nice food in KL"… Me, Shara, the massive compiler, Nick, the guy which has no life except for Dota and girls, Juanda, the man who can speak in different accents and uses Hokkein when he is sleeping or sleepy, and Ahmed from Shashomaniac, decided to travel to MidValley…

The weather looked fine when we start off our journey. When we arrived at the KTM station, the parking was full and we had to park far ..i mean far far far away from the station. In addition to our miseries, it started to rain quite heavily. Nick, Juanda and I activated "windwalk" for 300 m … The station was near to my sight, suddenly I inhaled the rain water that dripped down from my nose…it was really a "pain in the nose"… I slowed down my pace and looked back..Shara was jogging along the road together with Ahmed…. (242 lbs bulldozer on the run….)

When we finally arrived at the station, all of us are as wet as if we just bathed with our clothes on…We sat down at one of the benches there, trying to dry off the water from our clothes… We were chatting happily when the rain was getting heavier and heavier … My god, is "he" getting pissed off? We started cursing "him"..especially Shara..the rain instantly turned to a raging storm…destroying almost everything in the vicinity…(Recall the scene where Saruman was casting a spell - Avalanche on Frodo and his companions..)

(pic: all of us getting wet because of the rain…)

(pic: "His" path of destruction….)

(pic: Juanda was depressed…poor guy)

After 20 minutes ride, we arrived at MidValley…We went straight to Chillis for lunch…Meal of the day: Bottomless chips with nice cheesey sauce… Shara finished his big burger …(sorry McD..your big mac just isn’t big enough to compete with this…) in less than 15 minutes..which is an impressive record…(not many people can challenge this behemoth when it comes to food)…

(pic: sorry man..just the leftovers…we devoured everything before the photo can be taken…)

Next stop it’s movie time….However we were a day earlier for the premier of "Ghost Rider" by Nicholas Cage…We stared at the "today’s list" for quite some time (can’t decide which movie to watch.. Epic Movie is a retarded show…Blood and Chocolate - sounds stupid, Chinese movies - half of my friends don’t understand), we chose to go sight-seeing instead of wasting 10 bucks for a worthless movie….We stopped by the "Pet Wonderland" where the cute but seemingly stupid little hamsters captured our eyes. It’s amazing how a big fat hamster trying to squeeze into a small, narrow tube…(Nick was somewhere out there flirting with a salesgirl…) We somehow managed to find Borat’s swim-wear (80 bucks per piece)

(pic: stupid little things…..)

While Nick was still busy flirting with the flat-face salesgirl, Shara and I went to some stone-face palm analyzer machine…The result is quite accurate…(Shara: yea right….i mean ya…accurate..)

Right palm: (actually should be the left palm)

Left palm: ($$$ again…..)

hmmm…my health is deteriorating because of some factors in my life….should reduce the activity of the last section..lol

During our tour, we found some hidden treasures…but then, it was too heavy to bring it out, and there are plenty of hidden traps around (security)

We continued to walk around (had some desserts in the middle) until 5 pm. Then it’s time for us to go back…each of us are a bit (actually very disappointed) as not much "hot-chicks" can be seen there…real sadness….

When we arrived back to our "jungle area", the weather was scorchingly hot…damn….We had to walk few hundred meters back to the car….

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day….no..tomorrow WILL BE a better day..(CSIT group and Sunway 6/6 group ready for rumble!!! Chong’s Royal House Cup - 2007)

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