Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Lion Dance in Uni….

To spice up the Chinese New Yea celebration…A lion dance performance was held in the uni..(Don’t know the true motives but it seems that the lion dance participants are quite perverted…)

(pic 1: Lion out in search of victims…(the stance looked as if it was having a dump….)

(pic 2: Searching…sniffing…searching…..)

(pic 3: Found one pretty victim and tried to devour her…(lion: Nice *** ))

(pic 4: *Drums beating* Saviour arrived????)

(pic 5: lion: Master of Pervertness, your victim is ready to be served. MoP: You have done well, Darth Lili…..)

What Really Happened??

The lion chased the girls around..and the MoP only distributed the "ang pau" to the girls… darn… my friends and I stood there as if we were transparent.(We only get one mandarin orange each)..what kind of lion dance is this? It’s more like a Playboy dance…..

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