Friday, 23 February 2007

MAS airlines service degrading???

Today, I was supposed to go back to my Uni after the Chinese New Year break. I went to the airport as usual (half an hour before the departure time), hoping that they won’t delay my flight again. (experienced 2 times already…). However, they had something even better for me. When I approached the counter to get my boarding pass, the officer in charge told me that the flight was already full and was ready for take off… I was stunned by the news.. What the heck? I was half-an-hour…30 minutes earlier..What kind of bullshit is that?? The best thing was, I AM THE "CONFIRM STATUS" ticket holder…NOT "STANDBY" dammit.. I demanded explanation from the officer there and he revealed that one of the dumb-ass ticket seller oversold the ticket for the flight. (This is not KTM or LRT or a Bus…do you expect us to squeeze ourselves in the plane?)

…I looked around and it seems that I was not the only one that was "REJECTED". A group of people, presumed to be family members, two Malay ladies and a few guys fell to the same fate as well. The family group had to rush for another flight to Hong Kong (hehe….stucked here, flight to HK confirmed busted…) while one of the Malay lady (I think she’s a tourist…) had no other place to go. (maybe just checked-out from the hotel?)….

The bulky guy from the family group "dragged" out the manager who was hiding inside the admin’s office. The manager kept saying "There’s nothing we can do for now, maybe you can take the next flight, which is at 9.20pm." For the family group, flight to Hong Kong is confirmed "gone with the wind". For the Malay lady, she had to stay in the airport for 6 straight for me, luckily I still had a place called "Home". I asked one of the officers (aka idiotic bastards) to change my flight to tomorrow morning…

So guys, girls, if you ever wanted to travel elswhere (by plane), better think twice..(hmmm…what else to think? if we have plenty of options…AirAisa (Master of Flight Delay)…MAS airlines (Soon to be Master of Flight Delay and No.2 Money Vacuum Machine…No.1 is none other than TMNut…)

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