Thursday, 1 February 2007

“Epic Movie”- The not so epic film…

The day before the Thaipusam holiday, my housemates and I planned to go for a movie…However, after that we felt quite lazy and decided to stay in the house for the day….

The next day - Thaipusam (Someone had to go Batu Caves to pierce his body…)

"A holiday in the house? No way! I must get out from the "jungle" and return to the civilized world!!!" I went to my friend’s room and tried to lure him into going for a movie…I tossed a coin..heads for going and tails for staying (The magic coin is the guide for helps me of getting the right choice everytime..)

We prepared ourselves and headed towards Times Square for the "Epic Movie"..(actually all of us had our intentions..Ammar wanted to get his copy of "Malaysian Evo", Mustap and I wanted to get a quality router for the house, Sudheer wanted to "wash his eyes" and Diban wanted to…er…not sure….

"Epic Movie", a story full of parodies…The story settings consists of Narnia, Pirates of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Nacho Libre, Borat, Charlie and the chocolate factory, James Bond, Click, Pun’k, Da Vinci code, X-men and many more…One of my favourite characters is Silas, the albino baddy in Da Vinci code, who is supposed to be ruthless and cruel..but in this movie, he looked more like a clown..

Storyline: Main story resolves around the land of Narnia and includes …rating: 5.5/10 (Sorry guys, I hate the story of Narnia…)

Audio/Music: Nothing much impressive. They used most of the popular songs available. 4.5/10

Graphics: What do you expect from "Scary movie" type graphics? 6.0/10

Overall: 6.7/10 The movie can be quite entertaining. Nonethless, the use of dirty jokes and gross actions just don’t amuse me that much…..

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