Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Football Frenzy - Royal House Cup 2007

4 days before Chinese New Year… I decided to throw in a Pre-CNY party at my house.. including a Royal House Cup ( Most people here are crazy about winning eleven…) It would be the CSIT Group vs The Sunway 6/6 group (my housemates). We bought in plenty of pepsi, snacks, KFC and..ahem ..beers..

I created a Ragnorak Private Server (the wireless home network system) but it seems not many people were interested in the game......(Blardy hell, wasting my time setting up the server...)

We played a few games, including "Bluff", a card game using poker cards where a person has to get rid of his cards through "bluffing" in order to win the game. Shayan (AliReza), though looked innocent, he’s the sneakiest player among us… I used my "Brain Manipulation" (in which Shara calls it as "Black Magic" ) to win both games. (we played 2 games).. After that, we played "BlackJack". The loser of the game must drink a big mug of beer or receive certain punishment, which is writing a word (set by the winner) on the wall using the ass… First victim was Juanda, where he was asked to write the word "Mississippi"..Sudheer, the dealer before this, spelt it as 6 "s"es and was forced to join the game… Second victim was Shara, the behemoth bulldozer, who was forced to write the word "sumo-momomo-momo" (a Japanese anime). 3rd victim was none other than the ex-dealer, Sudheer himself. We gave him 2 choices, finish up the mashed potato, or receive the "ass-writing" punishment. 2 minutes elapsed, and he finally chose the punishment by writing the word "statistics"..To further their embarassment, Nick recorded the punishment for Shara and Sudheer (Juanda escaped by luck or does Nick like to see fat people being tortured?).. One odd thing worth mention is that those people who had beers were still conscious, while those who took pepsi started to get high….(Robert shouting, Sudheer ass-writing…)

Video of Sudheer's ass writing:

After that, it was the greatest moment of all, the Royal House Cup -2007, CSIT group vs Sunway 6/6 group. The challengers were very lucky that night as the legendary player, Mahfouz, was busy. He was replaced by the Second-Best-Player, Ammar, the flying durian instead.


Muhsin vs Nick 0 - 1

Though Muhsin put up a great fight, nonetheless, it was still insufficient to beat the drunken DotaKing, Nick.

Sudheer vs Shara 1 - 0

Sudheer and Shara were arch-nemesis. Both side kept boasting about their skills in the game. However, surprisingly, Sudheer emerged victorious in the end of the game. Shara, who has beaten a number of players, including Nick, was severly demoralized by the outcome. Can Sudheer emerge victorous again in the next rematch? Or the behemoth bulldozer will thrash Sudheer like yesterday’s garbage?

Daniel vs Nick 0 - 2

The Dotaking used everything, from flirting skills to Dota skills, and the Lady of Luck was with him. Nick won with an impressive 2 goals.

Shara (Sudheer) vs Ammar 0 - 1

Sudheer withdrawn earlier by giving the excuse, "it’s already too late, I missed my home…I wanna play Gunbound"…He was replaced by Shara, the behemoth bulldozer. However, Ammar’s status as the "Second-Best-Player" easily defeated Shara. Perhaps Sudheer knew how terrifying is to play against Ammar and decided to withdraw earlier to escape the humiliation?

Final match:

Ammar vs Nick 1 - 0

Both man struggled in the 10 minutes "hell of a match". In the end, Nick submitted to the power and skills of Ammar, the flying durian. Could Ammar’s first reign as the "Royal House Cup" end in the next match?

First Royal House Cup winner - Ammar, the flying durian.

At about 12 midnight, it was the fireworks celebration. (Cheap fireworks gotten from Fajar) We eagerly lit up the fireworks, but due to the fact that the thing was a cheap stuff, and cheap stuff normally won’t bring any good, the fireworks emitted tonnes of smoke instead of flares… We stopped playing with it before the fire trucks arrive at our house…….

The party continued until 2.00 am. (All the so-called friends trying to thrash me in some fighting games…)

Footnote: Gong Xi Fa Chai to those who celebrate Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays to those who aren’t…..

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