Saturday, 24 February 2007

Top Quality Toiletries..Get them today!!!

In search of top quality toiletries? No worries, the following products are the best of the century….

Gross Air - People around you will always notice your existence. (Strongly recommended for shy people)

Nail Remover - Tired of spending so much time and money decorating your nails? Try this, it will remove your nails instantly……

Homo Soap - Wanna have revenge on those straight guys that kept teasing you? Drop one of these in their bath tub or switch it with their soap…you’ll find the results after their bath/shower….

Horny Pack - Feel like getting a bit "horny" tonight? put on the Horny Pack Lotion to get instant horniness…

Horny Remover - Too much Horny Lotion? Or you’re just too horny? Don’t worry, Horny Remover will save the day…..

Tissue of Puppies - New technology from the Sadistic Torturers Department (STD), now we can finally save the trees….

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from the website and are courtesy of their respective owners. The photos are used solely for entertainment purposes and not as an offense or insult to the product companies.

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