Thursday, 30 October 2008

30th of October...A good day to remember....

It all started with Ming, the evil entity with the shape of a little kid who decided to ditch some friends. We have been playing "ditching" ( a prank on some friends by leaving them alone in some place....) recently.

Today it's a little exciting as a lot of stunts happened. We were at some cheap place having our lunch. Ming, the mastermind that came up with the "Ditching" idea was having a chat on the next table. We have already started digging in our cheap meals. By the time Ming came back, we were almost done with our lunch. We decided to play the prank on him. Han, the driver of the day said that he was going to head back to uni soon, and so were Bob and I since we have already finished our meal. Upon hearing that, Ming tried to finish his food as fast as he could, by swallowing..and he finished it in a whooping 2 mins. That's a record for a little guy like him...and Han almost choked himself to death and Bob somehow got excited and spilled his drink while watching Ming eating for his life.....

After that, we decided to check on some friends that we "ditched" earlier. They weren't at the restaurant that we promised to meet earlier. Ming, trying to do us all a good favour by volunteering himself to check it out just in case if they are there. As soon as he went in the restaurant,we hurrily closed and locked the doors. Just when Han was trying to speed of with his car, Ming suddenly ran out and jumped up and landed on the bonnet. (Thank god he is the size of a kid, imagine if I jumped on the bonnet.....)

Too Bad I didn't have my camera with me, and my phone is low of batteries. Otherwise I would have taken some realy interesting photoshots and uploaded it here....maybe next time

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