Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Musou Orochi...

Musou Orochi, the crossover of 2 epic games, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. The game features over 70 warriors for the player to choose from.

Orochi, the demon-king fuses the 2 periods (Three Kingdoms (China) period and the Sengoku Period (Japan)) in order to conquer the world. Now the 2 warriors from diffrent timeline must join forces together to defeat the demon-king. (Note: Orochi is a mythical demon from the Japanese Mythology.) Sounds a bit dull and any other RPG games, a demon king or dark lord desecend upon the mortal realm, heroes gather together to defeat him.....lame...6.0/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is the same as the 2 games mentioned, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, the typical hack-and-slash through hordes of enemy grunts. However, some new elements were introduced in this game where player can control up to 3 warriors and switch them during the battle. The warriors are categorised into 3 type, Strength, Speed and Skill. Speed type is my personal favourite as they can unleash inifinite "R1 finisher/combo or whatever t is called"(Strength and Skill type requires the rage bar or "musou" bar).. Too bad the developers didn't include the infinite castle challenge mode in Samurai Warriors.. 7.5/10

Graphic: The graphic is the same as Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors..same animation, same structures and even same maps... Wonder how will the Warriors series look like in PS3? 5.5/10

Soundtrack: The games uses most soundtracks from the previous games but do introduce some new ones as well...The soundtrack are quite awesome to say at least..(The one called Limpid Luster is very nice..) 8.0/10

Verdict: It's interesting to have a game with warriors from both sides..however it can be a bit boring as the gameplay, graphic and sountrack (almost everything) were imported from the previous games...7.0/10

For more info, check out: Gamespot

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