Thursday, 2 October 2008

Have you discovered your true power?

Everyone is unique in this world. Each person has his own strong feats and weaknesses. Last year, I came across a friend who possesses an incredible magnetic field which could render the electronic devices useless and may even destroy them.

My first experience with his supernatural power was when he tried to upgrade the firmware of my IPhone. The process went smoothly but in the end, my IPhone's wireless device was experiencing problems (could not connect to the wireless network) when he's around.

My friend also had a bad experience. His external harddisk was somehow damaged when he gave it to him. Other encounters we experienced....web browser suddenly hanged/stopped working..door was destroyed....etc

The best experience with him was at the Casino where he disrupted the Roulette machines. I have to stress on this, this is a real story. Whenever he goes near to the Roulette machines, the screens would go blank...(black screen...nothing on the monitor). When he stays away from those machines, they would function properly. My friends and I have tried standing near the machines but nothing happened. But when he comes near to them, the machines would go off temporary... Ironically, I always win (betting on red) when the screen came who the hell is this guy??

His name is Albert....


Chee Kuan said...

fuck you chong... fuck you!! LOLOLOL


Chong said...'s true can ask others about it...I'm planning to put some testimonials here but too lazy to do that.