Sunday, 12 October 2008

Things happen when you got drunk....

A lot of things happen when a person got drunk. For instance, a person may start talking rubbish about martial arts stuff then proceed to display his skills and ended up whacking his friends.

Some people may refuse everything, yes.. everything (eg they will say "no" when offered a glass of water, they will say "no" when their kind-hearted friends want to transfer him from the cold sofa to the warm bed, and they will say "no" to leaving the toilet bowl) when they got drunk.

Some people might say that they are actually not drunk at all but vomit out everything the very next second. After that, they will start talking about "shitting" (past motion) and toilet. This group of people need to be taken care of or things will get very messy.

Anther group of people might deny that they are drunk, similar to the group above. (They won't vomit or do anything messy) They will try to prove that they are not drunk by trying to walk in a straight line or do anything that is consider "normal/not drunk".

And finally there is a group of people that will perform acrobatics or drunk-dialing other people. This group of people often ends up pretty badly when they got drunk if they have a group of devilish fiends...ahem friends around them.
For example:

Clarification: I DID NOT DO THAT to the poor dude in the picture...I just enjoyed from the side....

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