Monday, 6 October 2008

Divine Cooking...

Divine Dish that will guarantee eternal life!!!

The ingredients used in this dish are:
  1. The Winter Lavender found on the peak of Mt. Everest
  2. Bob nuts found in the deep jungle of Uganda
  3. Giant pineapples found in the war zone of Afghanistan.
  4. Chicken breast obtained during the year of the Cock.
  5. and finally my hair found on my body...
The last item is the most important and hardest ingredient to get as it's hard to find hair on my body (only the chest hair and facial hair are edible but they are very, very rare..other than that eg leg hair, the hair..etc are poisonous) and you might get beaten up for trying to get my hair.

After obtaining the ingredients, you must cook it with crude oil from the soils of Iraq. Olive oil and cooking oil won't work. After mixing together the ingredients, you must cook it with slow fire created using the Ki energy. You may also use the plutonium enriched gas/cooker for the meal but you might be dead exposing yourself to radiation before you finished cooking the dish.

Cook the dish for 49 days and 49 nights....then it'll be ready to be served on the dining table..

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any accidents or whatever bad things that might happen to you if you try to make this dish...Cook at your own risk!! (That is if you really believe it....who knows..some people out there might actually trust my cooking skill....)

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